Home Economics Department

What it Entails

Theories and practices that relate to Home and Family Management


Subjects Offered

Food,  Nutrition and Health

Family Resource Management

Textiles, Clothing and Fashion

Home Economics Management


Continuing Studies in this field

These are pre-requisite for UTECH for entry to Hotel and Tourism, Technical Education, Family Consumers’ study, Apparel design, Family studies, clothing and textile and design.  Food service and production management

Career Opportunities

Food and Nutrition

  • Principles of nutrition
  • Food service Management
  • Food preparation and servicing
  • Dietary consultant
  • Dietician
  • Flight attendant
  • Practical nurse
  • Nutritionist
  • waitress
  • Chef


Home Economics Management

  • Family and Society Home and Financial Management
  • Housing and Equipment Management
  • Appliance salesperson Vocational instructor Researcher
  • institution Superintendent
  • Social service worker

Clothing and Textiles

  • Fashion designer
  • Interior decorator



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