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Welcome to St. Hugh’s High School for Girls

At St. Hugh’s High School for Girls, we believe in the primacy of optimal student learning supported by competent teachers and efficient systems. The school is concerned with the development of the whole child. Therefore, while we hope that you will achieve the academic excellence of which you are capable, we also are interested in developing the physical, moral and aesthetic aspects of your life. We regard you as a human being with dignity and rights and hope that you will develop self respect which will in turn serve as the basis for respect for others and property. Our expectation is that you will become a person of vision and make a worthwhile contribution to your school and society. This will become a reality if you are disciplined and develop a sense of responsibility and initiative. We believe that you will develop into a caring human being willing to help others and that as a young lady in an institution with an enviable record for excellence; you will always act with dignity and decorum.

St. Hugh’s High School for Girls has committed itself to providing stimulatory and meaningful learning experiences for its entire school community.

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You are encouraged to make full use of the school library. The books and magazines there are selected to help in your personal as well as academic achievement. In the Student Handbook is a list of rules for the use of the library. Please observe them, as they have been made to ensure the comfort of all members of the school community.


Students are NOT permitted to have food delivered from off campus. For the students’ convenience, snacks and refreshments are available in the school canteen.


Students will be issued with textbooks needed for the subjects they are taking from the Book Distribution Centre. Books are rented for one year at a time except in Grade 10 when students are allowed to keep their texts over the summer and into Grade 11 in order to facilitate preparation for CSEC examinations taken at the end of the Grade 11.  At the end of the year, they must be returned in good condition or students will be asked to replace them.


Each student must fill out a health record on entering the school. On the advice of the Ministry of Health, each students is requested to take in her immunization record when in order to be admitted to the school. The school nurse may organise immunization programmes if the need arises.


All articles brought to school must be marked. All articles which are found must be taken to the Vice Principal’s Office. Inquiries concerning lost property should be made at the same place.

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