English Department

Subjects Offered

English Language

What it Entails

English Language prepares students for every field and profession you think of.

It develops oral and written communication skills which are necessary in all other subjects

It develops reading comprehension skills which enhances students’ understanding of school work.

It requires you to use the skills that you have develop to enhance your presentation and understanding



What it Entails

Understanding the basic grammatical rules of the language

Having a wide vocabulary and read widely

Reading, writing and speaking the language equally well.

Practicing the writing skills and develop her own style

Defining, using and recognizing literary devices and understanding their effectiveness

Distinguishing between information stated and information implied

Observing formats for particular types of writing


English Literature

What it Entails

Reading carefully and providing informed responses to literary works

Analyzing and evaluating the characters, author’s style, setting, plot and themes of the texts.

Identifying literary devices in poems, drama extracts and prose and comment on their effectiveness.

Understanding and stage directions and how they affect aspects of the play

Reading for literal and figurative meanings

Distinguishing among the three literary genres (poetry, prose, drama) and know the characteristic features of each.

Interpreting essay questions and write well organized essays.

Showing a clear line of argument in essays using appropriate textual evidence to support this Observing rules applied to essay writing for example underline the name of her books and the use of quotation marks for short stories


English Literature exposes students to literary from all over the world.

It develops analytical and critical thinking skills

It increases and sharpens your analytical skills and prepares you for many of the experiences of life.



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