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As an institution our symbols serve as a critical means of identification and connects us with the past.

The School Emblem………………. The Swan

The School Motto…………………. FIDELITAS (Faithfulness, Loyalty)

The Patron Saint…………………… St. Hugh of Lincoln

St. Hugh’s High School for Girls has committed itself to providing stimulatory and meaningful learning experiences for its entire school community.


The mission of St. Hugh’s High School is simply: “To educate the whole child so that each finds identity, meaning and purpose in life through active citizenship and an ethos of achievement.”


St. Hugh’s High School, building on its heritage, will be recognised as the leading all girls institution, developing through holistic education, worthwhile citizens.


Discipline, Respect, Integrity, Valour, Excellence


St. Hugh of old was wise and bold A Bishop of renown. For man and bird and beast we’re told Loved Hugh of Lincoln Town. He conquered self by fast and prayer, And when the fight was won He wrought and toiled with zealous care To lead his people on.

We build our name and spread our fame And honour good St. Hugh When’ere we bring to task or game The best that we can do. In willing service, ordered rule, And duty fairly met. We’ll write a record for our school That time shall ne’er forget

And when at last our school days past, On other road we fare, Our hearts shall keep the sunshine cast From these glad days we share. The knowledge won, the vision gained, God grant we may not lose But cry from noble heights attained, We’ll still keep faith, St. Hugh’s.

Lyrics: Miss B. Ormsby
Composition: Miss M. Binns

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