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Entry Requirements & Admission

Grade 7
Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT) is the basis of Admission. Place in school is tenable for a period of five years, if student’s conduct and progress are satisfactory.
When vacant places occur in a grade during the school year, the principal may accept students on transfer if they meet the stipulated criteria.
Grade 12
On the recommendation of principal and staff the five year period may be extended for a maximum period of two years to allow students to complete Grade 12 – 13. A new application has to be made and the student and parents have to sign a contract agreeing to the terms and conditions of this extension.

Documents required by all new students
•    Birth Certificate *
•    Immunization card *
•    Medical Report
•    Completed Application Form
•    Photographs – Two recent passport size photographs with full names and date of birth written on the back.
•    Report – Last school report
•    Recommendation from previous school

School Houses

Carnegie has a long tradition of excellence on the field and can always be depended on to give scintillating performances on the field each Sports Day.
The house is named in honour of the remarkable Dr. Inez Carnegie under whose administration the school experienced exponential physical growth. The girls compete in immaculate white and are very gracious winners.
The young ladies of Hardie House can be identified by their regal purple colours on Sports Day. The house is named in honour of the Reverend Hardie, the Bishop under whose guidance the school was able to acquire 1 Leinster Road.
Hardie has proven to be a very capable performer over the years. Regardless of the outcome, they are always prepared to battle to the very end. Their grit and determination to follow through to the end makes them perfect sources of inspiration.
The girls of Landale wear orange. The house is named in honour of the inimitable Mrs. Rita Landale under whose administration the operators of the school were revolutionized. Without a doubt, Mrs Landale would have been proud to have such an energetic group of girls performing under her name.
The girls of Landale are renowned for their robust performances each Sports Day. They hold the firm belief that through unity, excellence can be achieved. They never fail to put up a valiant fight on Sports Day.

McDougal competes in brilliant red and must be applauded for their courageos efforts each Sports Day. They compete under the name of the very first principal of the school, Miss McDOugal.
The house has a splendid tradition of excellence and members are noted for their ability to make their presence felt on the field. Surely Miss McDOugal would be pleased to have her name associated with such a group of girls.
Nuttall House is named in honour of the founding father of St. Hugh's, the Reverend Enos Nuttall. Members of the house wear blue and can be depended on to kick up the excitement by providing rival houses with stiff competition on Sports Day.
Members of the house possess a firm belief on the power of teamwork and as such they constantly strive in unison for the best. Revered Nuttall would be proud to have such a spirited group of girls competing under his name.
Stopford House has a rich and enviable tradition of excellence on the field. They are one of the most successful competitors to emerge at the end of each Sports Day.
The house is named in honour of Miss Evelyn Stopford who was the first principal of the amalgamated schools. It was under her administration that the school was re-named.
The girls of Stopford House always emulate the tradition of excellence set by Stopford in all their pursuits. They perform in resplendent yellow each Sports Day.

Daily Activities

The school campus is officially open to students at 6:30am. Each morning a silence bell rings at 7:25 am,at this time, all students are expected to make their way in silence to their form room where they will prepare for registration and devotion. The National Anthem is played at 7:30 a.m. All persons within hearing range are expected to stand at attention. For your safety and security, students who come to school very early should remain with the guard at the main gate. They must not go their form rooms before 7:15am, especially if these form rooms are on the A or C campuses.

• Students may not purchase from the canteen after the 7:25 a.m. bell.

• Students must get to their form rooms by 7:30 am.

• Students should be in their form rooms during registration.

• If students need to conduct business out of their form room during this period they must first receive permission from their Form Teacher.


Students who remain at school in the afternoon must be in an organized activity supervised by a teacher, or in the holding area of the main campus. Holding areas are in the vicinity of the Canteen and Room 26A, which is for quiet study and homework. Students should be in the holding area from 2:45pm to 4:30pm or until they leave for home.
The closing time for school is 4:30 p.m, after which the school will not take responsibility for the safety of students.
All afternoon/ co-curricular activities must be on the Main Campus, unless special permission has been granted.

• When When students go to the gym for Physical Education, they must GIVE ALL VALUABLES TO THE PERSON IN CHARGE. Money or valuables must not be left in tunic pockets in the changing rooms. If students take a large sum of money to school, it should be left in the office for safe keeping.

• During break all students must go to the Main Campus to have lunch.

• The verandas and walkways outside classrooms/library are all SILENCE ZONES.

• The steps outside the Administration Block art NOT TO BE USED AS WAITING AREAS.

• The Cross Roads Post Office, Market and Wayne's Wholesale are OUT OF BOUNDS to students.

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