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You are on your way to become a member of The St. Hugh’s Sixth Form 2020-2021.

If you decide to accept our offer, please follow the instructions below:

(1)Collect package from Ms B. Brown at the VP’s office October 5, 2020.

(2) Pay school fees at the bank before October 12, 2020.

(3) Return voucher to the bursar’s office before October 12, 2020.

(4) Return other completed contents of your package to the VP’s office by October 12, 2020

(5) Attend orientation along with your parents/guardians.

**Orientation Date:    October 8 at 10am for Grade 13

                                    October 9 for Grade 12

This will be done online

School is scheduled to start on October 12, 2020


Mrs. Rowe-Campbell

Grade 13 students 2020-2021

Final list 6th form

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